Textile Heat Setting Machine / Textile Heat Setting Machinery

Textile Heat Setting Machine / Textile Heat Setting Machinery

Machine description The Textile finishing Stenter Machine is used for cotton ,polyester .knitted fabric and other type fabrics stentering and heat setting. Technological process 1.unwinding → 2. expanding→ 3. centering→ 4. overfeeding → 5. web straightening→6. expanding →7. overfeeding → 8....
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We strive to enhance the added value of our rubber coating line, latex coating machine, water- blocking tape laminating machine, improve and extend the industrial chain, and strengthen our market competitiveness. Our social mission is to create high-quality products with advanced technology and continue to contribute to people's lives. Our company has strong capital strength, our global operation has greatly expanded the market capacity, which greatly broadens the market capacity and is of great significance for us to achieve scale effect. Under the market economic system, enterprises are microeconomic entities that operate independently and are responsible for our own profits and losses. We are and will be always trying our best to serve you.

Machine description

The Textile finishing Stenter Machine is used for cotton ,polyester .knitted fabric and other type fabrics stentering and heat setting. 


Technological process

1.unwinding → 2. expanding→ 3. centering→ 4. overfeeding → 5. web straightening→6. expanding →7. overfeeding → 8. selvedge uncurling →9. pinning or clip-ping(edge gumming)→ 10. stentering → 11. air cooling → 12. trimming or edge absorbing →

13. pinning off or clip off → 14. water cooling→ 15.plating 


Technical data

1. Machinery width


2. Machine speed


3. Hot wind controlling form 

Single frequency conversion control of up and down wind dusts with sideways. 

4. Heat source

Gas, biological powder, heat transfer oil, electric, steam

5. Drying temperature


6.Drive mode

Frequency converter motor, stepless adjusting speed

7.Rail form

Non-oil lubrication steel rail

8.overfeeding rate


Detail pictures


We take scientific and technological progress as the prerequisite, keep pace with the times, and strive to build our own well-known Textile Heat Setting Machine / Textile Heat Setting Machinery brand, so as to improve our market competitiveness. We can contact and learn advanced management concepts and practices for the first time, and constantly improve and enhance the management level of our company. We are committed to driving sales from the consumer level and enhancing our brand image.
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