PTFE Fusing Machine Seamless Plain Belt

PTFE Fusing Machine Seamless Plain Belt

The machine is suitable for fabric coating.
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Our company sells the products of delicate and painstaking work, high quality and low price, we provide customers with a variety of rich and high-quality Denim Coating Machine, doctor blade coating machine, Interlining Dot Coating Machine. It is a good way to enhance our products and solutions and repair. We will continue to strive for excellence by providing high quality products that will exceed the expectation of our customers. Over the years, under the guidance of the concept of 'quality, price, delivery time and service' to satisfy customers, our company's products have been distributed in major domestic economic regions and have been sold overseas. We believe that having excellent professional technology and strength is the foundation to safeguard the development of enterprises.

Wall covering fabric coating machine description

The machine is suitable for fabric coating.


Technical data

1. Machinery width


2. Drive mode

Frequency converter motor, stepless speed regulation 

3. Heat source

Gas, heat transfer oil, electric, steam

4. Drying temperature



The application products: wall covering fabric, umbrella fabric, raincoat fabric, bag fabric, tent fabric and other industrial fabric etc.After coating the products have the functions of flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, sound absorption, sound insulation, antibacterial, mildew proof, waterproof, oil proof, antifouling, dust proof and anti-static.


Detail pictures


Equipment characteristics

Ø uniform coating on the fabric.

Ø Low energy consumption.

Ø The chamber units : alternate oven that can accord request make 3m each or 4m each.

Ø Very compact design and stable execution.

Ø High precision regarding temperature and air distribution.

Ø Equipped with accumulator that according the request.

Complete professional production, efficient resource allocation system, standardized and information-based management and control means have become the core guarantee for our company to make every PTFE Fusing Machine Seamless Plain Belt into a high-quality product. Our company always adheres to steady operation, attaches importance to the concept of integrity and corporate image management, laying the foundation for the sustainable operation of enterprises. Relying on modern information technology, our company integrates enterprise resources in product development and material supply, and provides strong support for enterprises to improve market response ability, customer service level and enhance core competitiveness.
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