Footwear Heat Setting Machine Wholesales Shoe Upper Steam Soften Machine (091)

Footwear Heat Setting Machine Wholesales Shoe Upper Steam Soften Machine (091)

Machine description The Textile finishing Stenter Machine is used for cotton ,polyester .knitted fabric and other type fabrics stentering and heat setting. Technological process 1.unwinding → 2. expanding→ 3. centering→ 4. overfeeding → 5. web straightening→6. expanding →7. overfeeding → 8....
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Machine description

The Textile finishing Stenter Machine is used for cotton ,polyester .knitted fabric and other type fabrics stentering and heat setting. 


Technological process

1.unwinding → 2. expanding→ 3. centering→ 4. overfeeding → 5. web straightening→6. expanding →7. overfeeding → 8. selvedge uncurling →9. pinning or clip-ping(edge gumming)→ 10. stentering → 11. air cooling → 12. trimming or edge absorbing →

13. pinning off or clip off → 14. water cooling→ 15.plating 


Technical data

1. Machinery width


2. Machine speed


3. Hot wind controlling form 

Single frequency conversion control of up and down wind dusts with sideways. 

4. Heat source

Gas, biological powder, heat transfer oil, electric, steam

5. Drying temperature


6.Drive mode

Frequency converter motor, stepless adjusting speed

7.Rail form

Non-oil lubrication steel rail

8.overfeeding rate


Detail pictures


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