Equipment service:

Xindou can offer you :

1.During the installation,need your cooperate, that can reduce time.

2.Finishing the installation,qualified training and instruction for your operators.

3.During the production ,the machine has problem that we can remote diagnosis via modem .

4.When the equipment failure, maintenance and repair works by professional person.

Modernizationa and modifications

Xindou can offer professional support for upgrades and modernizations of Xindou equipment.

The productivity of existing lines can be increased with manageable cost spending.

Modernizations item:

1.Improve the quality of the products.

2.Improve the capacity of the equipment.

3.Saving the energy costs.

4.Reduction of production costs.


Xindou will make the best technical plant for you and with the highest quality and after-sales service won the trust of the customers.

Your satisfied is our goal.