Work Flow Of Coating Machine

- Sep 15, 2017-

Will be rolled into the substrate, such as: paper, cloth, leather, aluminum foil, plastic film and so on, coated with a specific function of the glue, paint or ink, and drying and rewinding.

The working principle of automatic coater: The working principle of the automatic coater is the same, but its performance is different according to different models and different manufacturers. The screen coater is provided with a device which can clamp the mesh frame on the vertical frame. The front and rear of the screen area is a horizontal coating mechanism, which is composed of a coating groove and a mechanical part or pneumatic component that controls the angle and pressure of the coating groove.

coating mechanism at both ends of the coating machine on the vertical support arm, through the belt, chain or cable transmission, so that the coating mechanism up and down movement, along the surface of the screen coating. The transmission mechanism is connected with the servo or frequency conversion motor, so that the operation is stable and the position of the coating mechanism can be controlled precisely.

Before the coating, will be clean, a good network version of the screen from the front of the coating machine, some models can also be installed from the side of the network version. In the large screen frame design of the model, side-mounted version more common, because the grid frame is large and bulky, side-mounted version, can make the lifting capacity and moving less. In the automatic screen coater and other automatic screen processing equipment (such as cleaning equipment, renewable equipment, drying devices and the development of machines) in the run-time, from the side of the plate more convenient.

Regardless of how the screen is installed, once the screen is in the correct position, pneumatic clamping device or mechanical clamping device is closed, the screen lock. In order to operate more convenient, many models have pedal control plate clamp action, operators can vacate hands to control the screen version. After the installation of the screen, to the automatic coating Jing into the corresponding emulsion, you can start coating. According to the function of the control system and equipment, the equipment can be coated on both sides of the screen at the same time.

There are two types of coating, one is through a number of wet and wet operation on the screen coated photosensitive emulsion, or after each coating with a drying process. A machine that quantitatively spreads a liquid (or molten) polymer material, such as a binder or coating, on the surface of a material.