Water-based Coating

- Oct 08, 2019-

Paste coating is widely used in textile industry, through the coating in the surface of fabric, then the fabric surface to form a layer or multilayer film that not only can improve the appearance and style, and strengthen the function of the fabric,so make the fabric is waterproof, high voltage, anti-flaming and shading anti-static special features, such as raise the added value of fabric.Textile coating is a promising textile processing technology in textile industry.

The fabric coating can be divided into solvent type and water type .Solvent - based coatings are coatings that use organic solvents as dispersion media, high pressure resistance, good film-forming, the advantages of fast drying. but it's on the fabric permeability is strong, big toxicity and easy to catch fire, high risk.

Water-based coating with water as solvent coating or with water as dispersion medium under the aid of coating,it compared with the solvent coating, the water-based coating non-toxic, non-combustible, safe, low cost, no need to recycle, hydrophilic coating is good, so the water-based coating is generally considered safe environmental protection coating, is also an important direction of the development of the coating.

Key words:water based coating , solvent-based coating