The Use Of Automatic Coating Machine

- Sep 15, 2017-

Apply to the shoe material, electronics industry, sponge, EVA, PE, cloth and other gelatinize.

1. Process requirements

Coating machine need to glue or ink material evenly adhered to the surface of aluminum foil, plastic film or cloth fabric, the coating process requirements are relatively high, not only require coating height uniformity and to be able to achieve high speed and no downtime to improve production efficiency.

2. Program Advantages

The tension control is realized by the transducer, and the system is simple and stable. Using PLC or synchronous controller to control the speed of drive roller inverter, and as the line speed signal of other inverter.

S350 closed-loop tension control (inductive vector control) easy to achieve acceleration in the process of constant tension, save the installation of tension roll space, reduce mechanical costs, while high-precision control to ensure that the coating effect is highly uniform.

Dual-station unwinding and rewinding has the function of pre drive, which can meet the requirement of high speed, automatic volume changing and increasing production efficiency. At the same time, accurate coiling control can avoid the bad heart-type rewinding, so that the effect of rewinding is better.