PVC Waterproof Tarpaulin Coating Machine Performance Advantages

- Mar 17, 2018-

As a device suitable for PVC tarpaulin coating , the main coating method adopted by PVC tarpaulin coating machine is straight-squeegee and wire bar coating. Because of its superior performance, it has been loved by many users. So what is the performance characteristic of PVC waterproof tarpaulin coating machine?


First of all, the PVC tarpaulin coating machine is especially equipped with a chain-type flip unloading machine. The tension is controlled by the magnetic powder brake, manual adjustment, and manual edge.


Secondly, in practical applications, the primer rubberizing machine applies a gap between the rubber wheel and the embossing wheel cylinder to quantitatively apply the primer to the film.


Third, the oven nozzle of this PVC tarpaulin coater is usually made of removable aluminum alloy, and its inner insulation board is made of stainless steel. Using multi-stage temperature control of the proportional control valve, the user can more precisely control the temperature of each section of the oven.


Not only that, when using a PVC tarpaulin coater, in order to better control the quality of the product, users can manually adjust the elasticity of the belt according to the production situation, and the belt is attached to the guide groove to avoid deviation. In addition, in the canvas group, the canvas uses epc-to-edge and pneumatic canvas tensioners.


In the cooling cloth group of the PVC waterproof tarpaulin applicator, the main components include a cooling wheel and a cloth wheel. The control precision of the glue gluing machine is also very high, so as to ensure the quality of the product.


In addition to these components, the PVC tarpaulin coating unit is also equipped with a fully automatic low tension accumulator and a surface coiler. The accumulator and fully automatic coiler are a group of independent devices. The accumulator and fully automatic coiler are controlled by the plc programmable controller, making the PVC tarpaulin coater more convenient to operate.