Part Of The Shaping Machine

- Sep 15, 2017-

1 Shaping machine inlet frame and width limiter

can help guide Buller to expand and correct the cloth, and can choose high and low position into the cloth

2 Compound Center Corrector (Guide cloth) has the function of guide cloth and Straight line correction.

3 Sizing machine (rolling car) pressure water and sizing shin machine: Part of the Shaping machine

4 Speed compensation device (deflection check out wheel)

The tension between the sizing machine and the shaping machine can be controlled

5 Line Gauze correction product

The line yarn or line arc of the adjustable cloth area

6 Central Control Panel Shen Shin Machinery: Part of the Shaping machine

Centralize all electric adjustment functions above the entry box,

Covers the operation function of the whole machine 95%.

7 Edge display and Edge tracking device

Responsible for the expansion of the front edge of the needle and the edge of the cloth tracking function.

8 inlet box and indent pin feeding device

9 pin/clip chain and track

Enter oven drying with needle plate or splint conveying cloth area

10 Hot air circulation bellows shen Shin Machinery: Part of the Shaping machine

Install the wind-cycle windmill,


Drying or shaping cloth area

11 Width Adjustment Machine

Adjustable cloth width

12 Exhaust Air System