Overfeeding Of The Stenter Machine

- Sep 17, 2019-

In the dyeing and finishing process, the fabric is subjected to greater tension in the warp direction, resulting in long stretch and narrow width.In order to overcome this unstable state and ensure the stability of the size of the textile, the speed of feeding into the fabric is adjusted during stentering or heat setting, which is called overfeeding.

The speed of fabric feeding is faster that the speed of heat setting is called positive overfeeding .

Positive overfeeding causes warp shrinkage, weft density rise, gram weight increase and warp shrinkage decrease.

If the speed of fabric feeding is less than the speed of the stretcher or the machine is called reverse overfeeding.

Reverse feed makes warp elongation, weft density decrease, gram weight decrease and warp shrinkage increase.

Key words: stenter , heat setting .