Fabric Coating Process

- Sep 19, 2019-

The technology of fabric coating can be divided into wet coating and dry coating.Coating method according to product requirements and the characteristics of the coating agent to choose, different coating agent and corresponding to different solvent composition.Wet coating production process is different types of base cloth coated by polyurethane coating agent coating or impregnation, solidification in solution to form a continuous microporous structure, and then after grinding or embossing, calendering and other processing processes to make products like leather.

Dry coating production process can be divided into direct coating and transfer coating production process.Dry coating production technology is to directly coating agent soluble in water or organic solvents, add some additives into the coating slurry, evenly coated on the fabric by coating machine directly, then drying, baking, make water and solvent evaporation, coating agent on the fabric surface through own cohesion or resin cross-linking effect, strength of the line into a film.

Dry transfer coating production process is first coated with coating paste on the silicone treated transfer paper, and then laminated with the base cloth, in a very low tension after drying, zapping and cooling, and then the transfer paper and coated fabric separation.The main pollutants produced by dry coating process are solvents used in materials, mainly DMF, toluene, butyl ketone, etc., mainly through mixing, coating/dipping, drying processes.

Key words: coating ,dipping ,drying.