Domestic Stereotypes Machine Must Fully Develop Efficient Energy-saving Machines

- Sep 15, 2017-

Domestic stereotypes machine must fully develop efficient energy-saving machines. The development of the shaping machine industry so far has been rapidly increasing in terms of product quantity, number of enterprises, production and sales volume and market volume, which has made dizzying changes. According to Jiangsu Wuxi Textile Association estimated that in 2010 China's only stereotypes machine production has more than more than 10 million units. There is no doubt that China has become the world's largest producer of steam yarns. From the reality of energy consumption, our country is facing the new challenge of environmental problems. Therefore, it is an effective way to shifting and alleviate the power bottleneck in China to improve the energy efficiency and strengthen the operation management of the steam yarn shaping machine. At present, the state is revising the efficiency standards of the steam yarn machine, will require the efficiency of the shaping machine to improve significantly. At the same time, we should also see that China's steam yarn manufacturers for energy-saving problems have always been outside the pressure, no power in the situation. Product electricity efficiency is low, waste is serious. Especially some small business products, special equipment and so on.

The following factors contribute to the low energy efficiency of cotton yarn-forming machine Products:

The flashy marketing environment has forced companies to expend a lot of energy on the periphery and assistive technology of the product, while neglecting the core function and key index (efficiency) of the product.

In the cotton yarn stereotypes machine market capacity of the rapid growth, the enterprise will focus on the expansion of capacity, energy-saving input less energy.

The national macroscopic management and control lacks the coercive function to the enterprise.

The price war caused by vicious competition causes the enterprises to bear the huge cost pressure, the market bears the ability to descend, the high efficiency product inevitably causes the enterprise profit decline, also cannot get the market approval. Therefore, the enterprise lacks the initiative of developing, producing and selling energy-saving products. For large-scale, low energy efficiency, low-cost as the main characteristics of China's industrial humidifier enterprises, the new energy efficiency standards after the introduction, they lost both the inherent advantages of low-cost, and lack of energy-saving technology reserves. In the increasingly brutal market environment, how to achieve survival and development has become a key problem faced by enterprises. But energy conservation has become China's national policy, no matter the size of enterprises, only vigorously develop energy-saving products is the only way out. Energy conservation has become China's national policy, regardless of the size of the enterprise, only vigorously develop energy-saving products in the market to have a better performance.