Denim Coating Machine Basics

- Mar 15, 2018-

The denim coating machine is mainly used for the coating process of denim fabrics. It coats a roll of the substrate with a layer of special-purpose coating, which is dried and then wound up. It uses a special multi-function coating head, can achieve a variety of forms of surface coating production, denim coating machine retractable rolls are equipped with full-speed automatic film-membrane mechanism, PLC program tension closed-loop automatic control.


1, denim coating machine process requirements main content:


In actual production, we need to use a denim coater to evenly bond paints and other substances to the surface of textiles. The requirements for the coating process are relatively high. It requires not only a uniform coating height but also a high-speed, non-stop roll change to improve production efficiency.


2. The working principle of automatic denim coater:


Normally, a corresponding device capable of clamping a frame is provided on the vertical frame of the denim coater. Both ends of the mechanism are mounted on the vertical support arm of the coating machine, and the coating mechanism is moved up and down along the surface of the screen through the transmission of a belt, a chain or a cable. The transmission mechanism is connected to a servo or variable frequency motor to make it operate smoothly and accurately control the position of the coating mechanism.


3, denim coating machine operation preparation content:


It is usually required to assemble the denim coater before performing the coating operation. After the screen is installed and the corresponding emulsion is poured into the automatic denim coater, coating can be started. According to the functions of the control system and the equipment, the equipment can coat both sides of the screen at the same time.