Curtain Coating Machine Product Features And Precautions For Use

- Mar 20, 2018-

Curtain coating machine is a processing equipment for coating curtain fabric. It not only changes the traditional steam system, but also adopts advanced control methods, thus ensuring coating quality and improving production efficiency. Is there any special feature for this curtain coating machine?


Curtain coating machine is made of aluminum material, full computer control, beautiful and elegant; can achieve linear, wave, textured and other special-shaped materials, one-component, two-component and color-changing material coating treatment. The curtain coating machine does not need a pressure reducing valve and a cylinder, and realizes continuous supply of glue and stable supply of glue.


The curtain coating machine filter has also been upgraded so that the filter can be replaced quickly. More specifically, the curtain cloth coating machine is controlled by a PLC integrated circuit. The operation is simple and the production efficiency is high, up to 30 meters per minute.


When the curtain coating machine is used for single-component and two-component mixing, if the oven ventilation conditions are not good, it may affect the curing of the two-component silicone, making the surface unfamiliar and sticky. At this time, it is necessary to improve the oven ventilation and ventilation of the curtain coating machine to improve the quality.


After the correct treatment of the curtain coating machine, the quality of the curtain fabric becomes better, especially its firmness, color, size, etc., all because of the coating treatment.