Carpet PVC Backing Machine Safety Procedures

- Mar 27, 2018-

Carpet PVC Backing Machine is a common carpet production equipment. In order to ensure the safety of operators and the normal operation of equipment, it is necessary to strictly operate the asphalt block carpet machine according to the regulations. First of all, in order to clean up the Carpet PVC Backing Machine, it is necessary to check the power supply, whether the circuit switch is normal, and it is forbidden to dip in the solvent and spill it on dangerous sources such as electric boxes and wires.


When the Carpet PVC Backing Machine wears the guide cloth, it should be worn as far as possible when the machine stops. If it is necessary to wear the cloth during the operation of the machine, the speed must be controlled within 10y/Min, especially when wearing the guide roller of the cooling wheel. Be careful, protective measures must be improved.


During the operation of the Carpet PVC Backing Machine, if there are pressure rollers on the coating head, special attention should be paid to avoiding overspeed, so as to avoid excessive static electricity generating sparks and causing fire; nor can iron blades hit the pressure roller to avoid sparks and fires. Of course, it is also not free to put your hands on high-speed advance materials so that the hands are not brought into the pressure roller, resulting in crushing.


During the carpet production process, do not touch the cloth pressing wheel to avoid being injured. If the static electricity of the material is relatively large, you can sprinkle water around the Carpet PVC Backing Machine to reduce static electricity, but you must also bear in mind that you should feel free to touch the static electricity. Places to avoid being electrically injured.


In addition, during operation of the Carpet PVC Backing Machine, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the exhaust motor is operating normally, and it is necessary to ensure that the exhaust gas generated inside the machine platform is eliminated in time so as not to affect the material handling and the smooth molding of the carpet. These are the basic safety procedures for the Carpet PVC Backing Machine.