Working principle and work flow of PVC tarpaulin coating machine

- Dec 18, 2018-

The PVC tarpaulin coating machine mainly uses a special high-speed coating head when it is used, which can effectively reduce the generation of air bubbles. The retractable and reeling rolls of the PVC tarpaulin coating machine are equipped with a full-speed automatic film-connecting mechanism, and the tension closed-loop automatic control.

 Workflow of the PVC tarpaulin coating machine

Roll a substrate, such as paper, cloth, leather, aluminum foil, plastic film, etc., with a layer of glue, paint or ink of a specific function, and dry it to wind up.

Operating principle of the PVC tarpaulin coating machine

The PVC tarpaulin coating machine is mainly used to the same extent as the automatic coating machine for screen printing, but its performance varies according to different models and different manufacturers. The screen coater is provided with a device capable of clamping the frame on the vertical frame. The front and rear of the screen area is a horizontal coating mechanism consisting of a coating tank and mechanical or pneumatic components that control the angle and pressure of the coating tank.

The PVC tarpaulin coating machine is installed on both ends of the coating machine on the vertical support arm, and the coating mechanism is moved up and down by the belt, chain or cable transmission, and coated along the surface of the screen. The transmission is connected to a servo or variable frequency motor for smooth operation and precise control of the position of the coating mechanism.