Width control and operating range of knitted fabric stenter

- Sep 12, 2018-

When the knitted fabric stenter is working, its control system is very important. Because of its good performance of the control system, the equipment can maintain a good working state during the operation, and exert its function and value. Below we will give a brief introduction to the control characteristics of the communication digital control system, and hope to be helpful.

The transmission part of the knitted fabric stenter mainly adopts the AC variable frequency drive, so that it maintains a relatively stable working state, and the tension sensor is not required between the transmission units, so the speed fine adjustment is set on the HMI. . The control part is composed of two HMI (header tail), ATV31 inverter, 8-channel AI, 12-way 40kHz high-speed counting and CANopen bus.

There are two main chains of the knitted fabric stenter, one is the main chain and the other is the slave chain. During the operation of the device, the encoder signal feedback is used, and then the PLC is sampled from the main chain encoder. After that, a series of processing and comparisons are performed, and finally the feedback from the main chain is adjusted according to the feedback information obtained. The running speed is better than to minimize the error and control accuracy.

The door width control is also set in each room of the knitted fabric stenter. Therefore, the whole machine has a total of 10 amplitude modulations, which can better control the door width error and control it within the process operation range. In addition, the oven temperature is regulated and controlled by an 8-channel PT100 analog input PLC.