What is the stenter setting machine, setting machine composition instructions

- Dec 13, 2017-

1. Setting machine entrance frame and width limiter:Can help guide the cloth to expand and correct cloth,And can choose to enter the cloth level.

2. Compound Center Corrector (Conveyor): both guide straight correction function.

3. Sizing Machine (Rolling): Pressurized and sizing.

4. Speed compensation device (displacement detection wheel): can control the tension between the sizing machine and setting machine.

5. Weft yarn corrector: Can correct the weft or weft arc cloth.

6.Stereotypes central control panel:All electric adjustment functions are concentrated above the entrance box, covering 95% of the operation of the whole machine.

7. Monitor: With the distribution area of the camera, the fabric can be monitored the situation and quality at any time.

8. Setting machine entrance box and shrink code on the needle feeding device.

9. Exhibition edge and cloth edge tracker:Responsible for the deployment of the front cloth fabric and cloth edge tracking.

10. Needle / clip chain and track: needle or splint to send cloth into the oven drying.

11. Hot air circulation bellows: hot air circulation device windmill, heat exchanger,Dry or stereotypes cloth with.

12. Width adjustment agencies: Adjustable width.

13. Exhaust system: a row of windmills, duct and intake / exhaust damper, and exhaust the best design.

14. Cooling device Cold and water-cooled cylinder: a cold car and cooling cylinder.

15. Chabian edge and the scalpel: the edge of the knife can be cut off unnecessary cloth edge, and suck it.

16 stereotypes cloth device winding cloth:There are two kinds of fabric and roll cloth out of cloth.