What is the purpose of using a hot air stenter machine

- Jun 28, 2019-

In the process of operating the hot air stenter machine, firstly, the textile article with the shaping is fed into the device through the flat stripping device. After the machine is finished, the machine automatically attaches the two ends of the cloth to the needle plate, and both ends of the needle plate The mechanical operation takes the stride into the oven of the tenter setting machine, and the oven is heated by electric heating and the fan is blown.


In this way, after continuous constant temperature oven treatment in different temperature intervals, the static electricity treatment is carried out, and then the swing falls into the cloth, and the crisp and beautiful cloth is obtained. The reason why these items are to be shaped is mainly to improve the hand feeling, slip, color, width, strength and appearance of the textile by the shaping action of the hot air tenter. Especially for non-pure cotton products, it can also play a role in stabilizing the size.


In the actual operation, the fabric is first immersed in the trough with chemical materials, and after being uniformly pressed by the rolls, it is sent to the oven of the hot air stenter machine. When the cloth passes through the oven, it will be dried and shaped under the action of high temperature hot air, and the cloth after the setting has a good hand feeling and a stable size.


In the hot air stenter machine unit, there are a plurality of different components, wherein the hot air circulation bellows is an important component. It is generally configured with hot air circulation windmills, heat exchangers, drying or styling fabrics. During the operation, the adjustment of the web is achieved by adjusting the width adjustment mechanism.www.xindoumachine.com