What is the maintenance operation of the hot air stenter machine?

- Apr 20, 2019-

Before driving the hot air stenter machine, check whether the mechanical, electrical, instrument and safety protection devices are in good condition. According to the process requirements, set the temperature, and then turn on the circulating fan. In the heating stage, the host speed is 15m/min, and the set temperature can be reached.


After meeting the requirements of the upper cloth, open the active brush wheel, press the cloth on the needle plate, try to make both sides flush, and at the same time put down the passive brush wheel and tighten the fabric. When starting the host, you should first ring the bell to inform the rear operator. When you put it to the rear of the car, you should wear the cloth at a faster speed and tighten the fabric. The rear personnel should cooperate with each other before calling.


The safety shield of the hot air stenter machine in and out of the cloth should be in good condition. The rolling rope pull emergency stop switch and the feeding bumper are reliable and useful. When the cloth is operated, the parking must be stopped. Rolling up the upper roller should not be negligent. The grey fabric must be seamed and not knotted to avoid damage to the rubber roller.


Before the hot air stenter machine stops, the cooling should be told to the hot-loaded heat transfer furnace. Then stop the circulating fan operation, open the door to cool down, and run the main engine and the top exhaust fan separately, and stop the temperature until the temperature drops to 80 °C. At the same time, the heat transfer oil pipeline in the oven should be checked regularly. If there is oil leakage, it should be treated in time; the flying flowers in the machine should be cleaned, and the flying flowers and oil in the exhaust pipe should be cleaned regularly to eliminate the fire hazard.