What is the main workflow of the fabric coating machine?

- Oct 31, 2017-

In the production of cloth when, one of the links need to be coated with a layer of a special function of the glue or paint, etc., after the drying in the winding. In this process, we need to use a device to complete, that is, fabric coating machine. Here to understand some of the relevant knowledge.


First of all, we have a brief analysis of the current commonly used automatic fabric coating machine works. Although the products produced by different manufacturers in terms of performance are different, but its overall principle is the same. For example, the screen coater is also equipped with a device for clamping the frame in the vertical frame, and the front and rear of the screen area are horizontal coating mechanisms.


It is because of its structural rationality, so in practical applications to maintain a more stable operating state, and can accurately control the operation of various institutions and with. So what about the main workflow of the automatic fabric coating machine? I believe there are a lot of friends interested in this issue, the following we will introduce for you, for reference.


Normally, before opening the automatic fabric coating machine, the cleaned items should be loaded from the front of the equipment, and some of the equipment is loaded from the side of the screen. However, regardless of which form of structure, after determining the position of the screen, the pneumatic clamping device or the mechanical clamping device will be closed, so that the screen lock. Sometimes for the convenience of operation, some devices will also be equipped with a pedal control clip action function.


When the above-mentioned installation work is completed, the automatic fabric coating machine is coated with an appropriate amount of the emulsion. At present, the coating method is mainly used in two ways: one is through several wet pressing operation on the screen coating emulsion; the other is after each coating with the drying process.