What factors cause the low energy efficiency of cotton yarn steaming and setting machines

- Dec 14, 2020-

The flashy marketing environment forces companies to spend a lot of energy on the peripherals and auxiliary technologies of the steaming machine products, while neglecting the core functions and key indicators (efficiency) of the products.

When the market capacity of cotton yarn setting machines increased sharply, the company focused on expanding production capacity, but less energy was invested in energy conservation.

The national macro-management and control lack a compulsory effect on enterprises.

The price war caused by vicious competition has made all enterprises bear huge cost pressures, and the market's ability to withstand them has declined. High-efficiency products will inevitably lead to a decline in corporate profits, and they will not be recognized by the market. Therefore, companies lack the enthusiasm to develop, produce and sell energy-saving products. For Chinese industrial humidifier companies that are characterized by large-scale, low energy efficiency, and low price, after the introduction of the new energy efficiency standards, they have lost their inherent advantages of low prices and lacked technical reserves of energy-saving technologies. In the increasingly cruel market environment, how to survive and develop has become a key issue facing enterprises. However, energy conservation has become China's national policy. Regardless of the size of the enterprise, the only way out is to vigorously develop energy-saving products. Energy conservation has become China's national policy. Regardless of the size of enterprises, only by vigorously developing energy-saving products can they perform better in the market.