What are the precautions for the use of waterproof fabric coating machine?

- Nov 06, 2017-

As a user, we hope that you can keep in mind the precautions about the use of the waterproof fabric coating machine in practice, and operate in strict accordance with the requirements to ensure smooth production. Here we mainly to tell you about the use of waterproof fabric coating machine precautions, hope to provide a reference.


First of all, in the use of waterproof fabric coating machine in the process, be sure to combine the actual work need to select the appropriate coating work, but also a reasonable set of relevant parameters, such as coating speed, length, roll ratio and Gap length and so on. Also need to turn on the compressed air, pay attention to this time should be appropriate to adjust the pneumatic control box of the regulator, so that its pneumatic pressure to maintain the range of 0.2 to ~ 0.3Mpa.


Second, before the actual start to run, should also pay attention to see the relevant connection parts are in good condition, and to turn on automatic correction and tension controller power. Furthermore, during the operation of the waterproof fabric coater, it is important for the staff to ensure that the temperatures at all stages are in accordance with the temperature required by the process. In addition, when feeding the hopper to the equipment, it should be noted that the coating is temporarily stopped.


In addition to the requirements described above, in fact, in practice, we also need to pay special attention to the correct operation of the shutdown. Normally, when it is confirmed that the coating sheet of the waterproof fabric coater has been completely processed, the equipment should be shut down in time. And then turn off the power of the heater, until the temperature dropped to 60 degrees Celsius below, shut off dry fans and other fans.


Finally, after the end of the work, the staff should also promptly cut off the power supply on the control cabinet. Hope that the contents described above can help everyone, so as to better use waterproof fabric coating machine.