What are the main features of the Cloth Coating Machine?

- Mar 26, 2018-

The main characteristic of the Cloth Coating Machine during operation is that the whole machine has good synchronization, because its drive system adopts AC frequency conversion, the main chain drive motor is the main machine, under the overfeed, over feed, over the hair The brush and other units are all driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The overfeed rate can be set separately and its eccentricity rate can be modified to increase the machine synchronization rate.


Second, it also shows that the cloth coating machine has a high degree of automation.This is unmatched by traditional equipment. The machine's control system uses human-machine interface touch screens, PLC programmable controllers, AC drives, temperature controllers and other full-machine communication methods to easily modify the operation data and control the operation commands.


For the bag cloth coating machine, feeding can be performed by numerical control, and the overfeed correction value can be individually modified. The large internal space of the configured oven is convenient for cleaning. The hot air circulation motor is staggered around the oven. High-efficiency heat exchangers increase the drying capacity by 30-50%.



In the bag cloth coating machine, an accurate temperature controller is also used, which will greatly reduce the left, middle and right temperature deviations, and can perform uniform heat treatment and drying, making the entire coating process efficient and effective. , Reduce energy consumption.


In addition, there is a special cloth edge tracking system for the bag cloth coating machine. The gear type is the main type, which has the advantage of high precision and can make the normal coating of every corner of the bag cloth. There is residue.