What are the factors related to the accuracy of heat setting stenter machine

- Jul 17, 2019-

It is also possible that the dip time is different. The manual feeding time of the laboratory is long, the dye can penetrate into the gap between the fibers, and the heat setting stenter machine is not fully immersed in the yarn due to insufficient dipping time. Leaving the trough, especially those fabrics that have been reworked and have poor permeability, the difference is even greater.

Therefore, the laboratory sample formula should increase the concentration of the additive on the large machine according to the actual situation. The semi-product with poor permeability should add appropriate amount of penetrant or increase the permeability of the dye solution to increase the permeability, and reduce the speed of the fabric to increase the dipping time of the fabric. The permeability of the dye.

It may also be the error of weighing, the dye in the laboratory and the dye added by the heat setting stenter machine are not in the same batch. The concentration of the dye used in the laboratory is not very accurate, and the concentration and test of the dye weighed by the large machine are not accurate. The dye concentration in the chamber is inconsistent. Therefore, when setting the parameters of the heat setting stenter machine, it is necessary to pay attention to it, so as to improve the accuracy of the heat setting stenter machine.