Weaving conditions and pressure requirements for heat setting machines

- Apr 16, 2019-

The heat setting machine is very suitable for yarns and polyester threads during use. Chemical fiber line. Sponge cloth and curtains are shaped. Spandex coated yarn. Cotton yarn. Rayon. Polyester. Computer embroidery thread. Sewing thread. Knitting line. Curved beads line. Lace line. Vacuum setting of yarns such as zippers.


The main purpose of the heat setting machine is to combine the continuous yarns with the weaving conditions, and then set them after twisting, that is, to stabilize the twist under a certain pressure and temperature, and obtain a balanced untwisted yarn. The steaming machine can heat-set the yarn. Wet processing, uniform penetration, low-temperature indirect steaming increases the weight of the cotton yarn by as much as 1.7%-3%, and increases the weight of the yarn by as much as 2.4%-4%.


The heat setting machine is very suitable for the textile industry and units which use natural fiber and chemical fiber as raw materials. The main purpose of the tread cloth setting machine is to shape the continuous silk thread with weaving conditions after being combined and twisted, that is, for chemical fiber. , silk, cashmere, yarn, curtains, crepe cloth, printed cloth, etc. That is, the stability is stabilized at a certain pressure temperature, and a balanced non-twisted yarn is obtained, which facilitates the processing of the subsequent process and improves the product quality. For strong twist yarns, it is more important to use the “steamer”.