Waterproof fabric coating machine purchase and which materials are available

- Jul 02, 2018-

Waterproof fabric coating machine is a kind of equipment that will be used in the production of waterproof fabrics for coating operations.


Waterproof fabric coating machine will use coating glue in the process of use. The main function of coating glue is to form one or more layers of film on the surface of fabric by adhesion to improve the appearance of the fabric and improve its waterproof performance, so that the fabric has Good pressure resistance and water resistance, also ventilation and moisture permeability. In addition, coating adhesives have also been continuously developed and improved. Therefore, functional coating adhesives and composite coating adhesives are available.


The waterproof fabric coating machine can be used on polypropylene material to waterproof the polypropylene fabric and improve the waterproof performance of the polypropylene material. Improve the performance and effectiveness of the fabric.


PU waterproof coating can be achieved through a waterproof fabric coating machine. Coating thickness and process can affect the waterproof performance of the fabric. The coating thickness is expressed in millimeters. If the waterproof coating thickness is more than 3000mm, it can be used in various environments.