Waterproof fabric coating machine performance and application

- May 14, 2018-

In the process of fabricating the fabric, a layer of material with special properties, ie, a fabric coating, is generally coated on the surface. This also shows that the fabric coating has two processing objects - the base cloth and the coating material, as well as the production equipment that combines the two - the waterproof fabric coating machine. That is, a layer of film or other material is applied to the base fabric by applying a layer of coating agent on the base fabric using a waterproof fabric coating machine.


Simply put, the working process of the waterproof fabric coating machine is actually the process of applying the required coating material to the fabric surface. The coating method of the fabric coating is mainly selected according to the requirements of the product and the characteristics of the coating agent used. At present, there are many types of coating processing equipment, such as floating blade coater, knife roll coater, reverse roll coater, roll coater, rotary screen coater, indirect coater, etc. .


So far, various types of coating machines have been gradually applied in the market. Waterproof fabric coating machines also occupy a certain position in the market. With this device, products with a certain quality standard and durability can be produced to meet the needs of specific customers.


In comparison, in fact, the structure of the waterproof fabric coating machine is more complicated than the structure of the textile equipment, and in the process of processing, the control of its production and production speed is relatively strict. Therefore, in the process of use, we also need to pay attention to the standard operation to ensure that the equipment can operate stably and efficiently for a long time. It is also necessary to strengthen maintenance and maintenance during daily use.


At the same time, with the continuous development of production technology, the level of automation of the waterproof fabric coating machine is constantly improving. In this way, not only the reliability of the equipment is improved, but also the influence of human factors is reduced. In short, in the development of the textile industry, waterproof fabric coating machines are playing an increasingly important role. With the development of the market in the future, this trend will be strengthened.