Waterproof fabric coating machine for waterproof finishing and application

- May 16, 2019-

The waterproof fabric coating machine is very suitable for the coating treatment of nylon, nylon, polyester, and other textile flat fabrics in the process of use, as well as the base coating of the rubber cloth. Generally, after the fabric is waterproofed, it can be used not only as a rain gear, a tent, etc., but also as a down fabric with good windproof and warmth. The machine can be used for plastic and coloring according to different processes and changing the edge angle of the doctor blade.

To a certain extent, the waterproof fabric coating machine mainly uses the self-developed waterproofing agent to waterproof the polypropylene woven fabric, and combines the performance of the polypropylene to obtain the best process formula, and compares with the performance of the commonly used waterproofing agent on the market. The PA coating gel suitable for polypropylene was screened and prepared, and the waterproof fabric was coated and laid out at the factory. The test results show that the coated polypropylene fabric has a water pressure resistance of 6972.5 Pa and a water resistance rating of 90 minutes. It is suitable for laboratory testing of coating finishing process in dyeing and finishing laboratories.

The waterproof fabric coating machine has strong adaptability and can be adapted to different processes such as direct coating method, floating knife coating method and transfer coating method, and can produce shoe leather, garment leather, luggage leather, floor leather, industrial leather, etc. .