Use denim coating machine for post-machine coating considerations

- Mar 27, 2019-

The method of coating the denim coating machine can be divided into two types: on-machine coating and post-machine coating. When coating on the machine, it does not occupy a printing unit to coat the glazing, increasing the use efficiency of the mechanical equipment; Uniformity of the texture roller. Compared with the ordinary smooth surface tank, the effect is good; the powerful IR lamp emits ^ effective wavelength, the composite dry printing and the non-printing part have less energy loss in drying; the coating printing can be carried out at full speed.


However, in the actual operation process, people still choose to use the coating machine for post-machine coating, the inverter completes the tension control at each level, and uses the tension sensor to realize the tension control. The system is simple and stable; using PLC or synchronous controller To control the drive roller drive speed, while acting as a line speed signal for other drives.


S350 closed-loop tension control makes it easy to maintain constant tension during acceleration and deceleration, saves installation tension, reduces roll space, and reduces mechanical costs. High-precision control ensures a highly uniform coating effect. The double-station retractable roll has a pre-drive function, which can meet the requirements of high-speed non-stop automatic roll change and increase production efficiency. At the same time, the accurate winding control can avoid the bad heart-winding and make the winding effect better.