Two principles of coating machine in operation

- Sep 15, 2017-

Machine in the process of work, the main will follow two working processes. 1. The process of roll coating transfer is 2, reversing roller.

cis-roll coating and its coating window: first introduce the terminology in coating technology-coating window, any coating form (method) has a scope of application, in a certain operating conditions (scope) can be carried out without defects in the coating, that is, the thin layer of fluid evenly coated to the support body, the scope of the coating operation in the coating technology known as the coating window. In our coater, it is controlled by adjusting the measuring gap between the two rotation direction of the same coating roller and the metering roller, and the thickness coating on the coating roll. Our coating method is a special form of the roller, that is, one of the metering roller does not rotate the rotational speed of zero, the section of the metering roll into a comma-shaped, also known as a comma scraper. Our coating thickness can be adjusted by changing the distance between the comma scraper and the coating roller. In our special shun roll coating form, improper operation, the edge of the blade position deviation from the work position, coating parameters and slurry parameters are not in a certain range, there may be a vertical road defects, known as the vertical bar, the phenomenon of apparent phenomena such as corduroy cloth.

Reversing roller coating and its coating window: in our polar sheet cloth machine, the slurry coating on the coating roller is transferred to the turning direction on the opposite roll in the bright roll clearance area. Therefore, the coating process must also meet the reversal of the rule of stick coating. In the reversal roll coating process, if the gap between the two rollers is relatively small, the capillary number is low enough, that is, in the viscosity or the speed of the relatively small case, in the relatively wide speed ratio range of the flow is relatively stable. Can get a better coating quality. If the gap is relatively large, in the coating machine speed is high, the air entrainment, there are many small bubbles on the surface of the coating. Sometimes in order to increase the output, take to improve the coating speed, there is a possibility of air entrainment defects, in order to eliminate this malady, take the reduction of clearance operation. Too small clearance, so that the coating roll and roll back to squeeze each other, adding additional motor and reducer load, causing abnormal wear. This is also the size of the reverse roll transfer coating speed by limit of the two reasons.