Two kinds of faults and troubleshooting of the canvas coating machine

- Oct 20, 2017-

Under normal circumstances, canvas coating machines can fully play their role and value, but occasionally there will be some faults. The common faults of canvas coating machine mainly include two kinds, one is the wear of the transmission part, the other is the damage of the concrete foundation. In view of such faults, how to solve them ? Let's see the way.

So, do you know what wear will happen to the drive parts? In fact, when the equipment is in the operating state, the dryer spindle nose is easy to wear, or batch-off roll bearing room will have wear problems and so on. For this kind of wear problem of canvas coating machine, the repair methods used in the past mainly include build-up welding, thermal spraying and brushing electroplating.


Although these methods have some effect, but its negative influence can't be ignored. With the development of technology, we can use the polymer composite materials to solve these problems. This is because that these materials have a better adhesion and compressive strength, it can be on-site disassembly and repair to make the canvas coating machine normalise.

And in the actual work, if found that the concrete foundation of canvas coating machine is damaged, how to solve it? For this problem, it may loosen because of the corrosion and aging. Or the damage is caused by the vibration of the concrete base during the operation period. It will affect normal production if it is more serious.

In order to solve this problem, we used the concrete pouring method to deal with. But this kind of treatment need to spend a lot of time, the general enterprise is difficult to accept. Therefore, it is possible to solve this problem by using polymer composite materials, which is a new method to repair the damage of the concrete foundation of canvas coating machine.


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