Tufted carpet foaming adhesive

- Dec 21, 2017-

Woven carpet in accordance with the method of weaving can be divided into tufted carpet, woven  rugs, acupuncture carpet,Each carpet requires a corresponding backing material to provide the desired performance.Tufted carpet because the fleece is tufted woven into a base cloth,No layered warp and weft as a bond, the structure is very loose,Carpet gums need to play the role of a fixed pile and bonding the two end cloths.

Knitting carpets such as Wilton and Axminster carpets, their weaving structure are very tight, the pile is tightened tight,Adhesive role is mainly to get the necessary hard and soft hand feeling and further tuft restraint.

Acupuncture carpets are mainly used gum provide the appropriate hardness and thermoplastic stability.

The biggest difference between foamed adhesive and plastic roller adhesive is that the former adds a foaming process before the adhesive.In order to better control the amount of sizing, foaming adhesive technology is mainly divided into two parts.Part of the back coating for the blanket, which is part of the foaming process and what we call direct gluing.The main purpose of direct coating wetting infiltration pile, the filler composition of the higher formula, the viscosity is relatively large, adding a foaming agent latex, and then foaming machine foaming.

In the specific adhesive production line,adhesive equipment is divided into two layers,The upper is the bottom of the carpet into the direct coating process,The foamy adhesive strikes the back of the carpet through a sizing head that moves perpendicular to the direction of carpet travel,Foam latex is uniformly scraped by a squeegee or scraper to form a uniform foam layer on the back of the carpet,The lower is the second base cloth through the gum groove on the end of cloth adhesive latex formula,The process is the same as that of a simple carpet adhesive.Up and down the two sizing at the same time,After pressing roller and then into the oven drying into the final product.

As the upper layer of foam adhesive back carpet blanket face down, Latex due to the role of gravity spontaneously infiltrated the lower part of the carpet surface, improve the capacity of the lock,In the drying process, some bubbles burst,Increase the contact area between the latex and the back of the blanket and the bottom of the second stage,Achieved a better interface wetting and eventually improve the secondary peel strength.