Trend and analysis of printing and dyeing machinery and automation technology

- Dec 03, 2020-

In the past two years, new dyeing and finishing processes, new technologies, and new equipment have been emerging at home and abroad, showing the vigorous development of the global printing and dyeing machinery industry. Energy saving, environmental protection, and high efficiency are the sustainable development direction of the dyeing and finishing industry in the 21st century. Short process and new technologies such as automation technology, non-plate printing technology, low-temperature plasma treatment and waterless processing technology are the development trends of dyeing and finishing machinery in the future. Since CITME "22002: Machine tools, WTO accession is a challenge but also an opportunity. Experts pointed out that we should increase the research and development of CNC machine tools in China and accelerate the development of popular CNC machine tools. Talking about the service competition of China's machine tool manufacturing industry. Current status and prospects of the Chinese milling machine and machining center market at home and abroad The technical level and development direction of lathes. The production, demand and development trend of machining centers in the world. The development trend of machine tools at home and abroad. The development trend of world numerical control systems. The development of cutting processing technology and numerical control machine tools. The development trend of modern machine tool products. The current situation and development trend of China's high-speed machining technology. Advanced manufacturing technology to improve automobile piston processing horizontal bottle caps and special threads on the bottle mouth mold CNC turning deep hole threading analysis and application of CNC lathe thread cutting method analysis and application of grinding worm wheel dressing precision parts multi-step surface grinding method crankshaft Tracking grinding process of connecting rod neck

Since 2002, China's textile industry has achieved great development, the speed of industrial upgrading has been greatly accelerated, and the purchase of textile machinery and equipment has also increased rapidly. In 2002, the import of printing and dyeing and finishing machinery was US$618 million, accounting for 19.4% of the total amount of imported equipment, ranking second; in 2003, my country’s import of printing and dyeing and finishing machinery was US$978 million, accounting for 21.10% of the total amount of imported equipment, ranking second. the first.