The working principle of the coating machine

- Oct 07, 2017-

The automatic coating machine for screen printing is the same, but its performance varies depending on the model and the different manufacturers. The screen coater is equipped with a means for clamping the frame in a vertical frame. The front and rear of the screen area is a horizontal coating mechanism consisting of a coating tank, a mechanical part or a pneumatic part which controls the angle and pressure of the coating groove.

The coating mechanism is mounted on the vertical support arm of the coating machine at both ends, and the coating mechanism is moved up and down through the belt, the chain or the cable, and is coated on the surface of the screen. The transmission mechanism is connected to a servo or variable frequency motor to operate smoothly and to precisely control the position of the coating mechanism.


Before the coating, the clean, stretched mesh screen from the front of the coating machine, and some models can also be installed from the side of the screen version. In the design of large format for the frame, the side of the plate is more common, because the network frame large and cumbersome, side loading version, can lift the amount and move a little smaller. It is more convenient to install from the side of the automatic screen coater and other automatic wire mesh processing equipment (eg cleaning equipment, recycling equipment, drying equipment and developing machine).

Once the screen is in the correct position, the pneumatic clamp or mechanical clamp is closed and the screen is locked. In order to operate more convenient, many models have pedal control plate clip action, the operator can free up his hands to control the screen. Install the finished version, to the automatic coating machine into the corresponding emulsion, you can start coating. Depending on the function of the control system and the device, the device can simultaneously apply both sides of the screen.


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