The whole characteristics and fitting techniques of the waterproof tape compound machine

- Dec 08, 2017-

Water-blocking tape laminating machine features and the fit skills

Water-blocking tape laminating machine is a material laminating equipment, but also the main production equipment of waterproof tape, due to the complete machine with the completed device, including unwinding, automatic correction, pre-drying, composite drying, water cooling, automatic points Trimming, surface friction rolling unit, so in the course of operations has shown a series of advantages.

After the water-blocking tape laminating machine processing, the waterproof tape has a glue evenly, complex formation, no tensile deformation, no blistering, no wrinkles, feel good, soft, breathable, winding and other features , Greatly enhance its quality.

In the actual production process, water-blocking tape laminating machine closing, unwinding can be based on different materials, to choose the appropriate configuration, which also shows the wider scope of application of the machine, you can achieve a multi-function machine. In order to ensure the quality of composite, waterproof tape laminating machine glue amount and coating style can be adjusted according to the material and the actual needs.


The more special there are waterproofing tape compounding machine drum, it can be heated by electric, steam or heat conducting oil way; and machine roll width according to the actual width of the material to specific. What deserves more attention is that the waterproof tape compounding machine system can adopt intelligent PLC program touch screen or mechanical operation control to realize automatic and intelligent production.


Waterproof tape laminating machine fit there are two main ways, respectively, the hot fit and cold fit, In contrast, the former uses more. Depending on the laminating material, it is usually necessary to heat to a higher temperature to provide a better fit for the material. The bonded product is more resistant to abrasion and less prone to cracking.