The use of Laminating machines and related features

- Nov 28, 2017-

The Laminating machine is a machine that combines two layers or more than two layers of material together with adhesive bonding into one. In this case, In this way, the laminating machine in use, in fact, it will directly make the original material has been relatively new function. Relatively common will include the film and aluminum foil, film, paper, as well as non-woven fabrics and so often used.


In fact, when the laminating machine in the application, we should pay attention to its use, it is used in the casting film, breathable film and non-woven materials such as glue on the adhesive. Next , to a large extent it will be more suitable for baby diapers or medical protective clothing, as well as food desiccant bags and other products.


Laminating machine can also be applied on the non-woven materials such as glue compound (paste) and slitting processing. Furthermore, we should also pay attention to the extent to which it is also applicable to household air purifiers or car air purifiers, as well as matched filters in air conditioners and refrigerators Material processing.


Speaking of the characteristics of the Laminating machine equipment, as mentioned above, by itself, can give two layers of material at the same time gluing, so that it will make it better composite fastness. Furthermore, it will be used to give a one-time three-ply thin material glued together.


Finally, when the Laminating machine is used, the double glue groove mesh belt will be pressed with the high temperature resistant mesh belt so as to make the composite material fully contact with the drying cylinder. In this way, the drying effect can be improved and the processing After the material is more supple, itself will be resistant to washing and the fastness will be better.