The use of coating machine features and operating advantages

- Apr 03, 2018-

In the process of operation, the coating machine will effectively adhere its ink substance or glue to the surface of plastic film, cloth textile and aluminum foil, and the process of the coating machine will be very high during the operation process. When using, not only the coating height should be uniform, but also to a certain extent, it must achieve high-speed non-stop roll change and improve production efficiency.

Coating machine advantages

The coater is mainly operated by the frequency converter to effectively complete the tension control at all levels. This will make the tension sensor effectively achieve its tension control to a certain extent. The entire equipment system is very simple. And stable.

The coating machine effectively uses its synchronous controller and PLC to effectively control the speed of its drive roller inverter, and can also be used as the linear speed signal of other inverters to a certain extent. Closed-loop tension control can effectively achieve acceleration and deceleration. The tension in the process is constant, saving space for installing tension rollers and reducing mechanical costs.The coating machine can effectively guarantee its high-precision control to ensure that the coating effect is highly uniform.