The type of coating

- Oct 11, 2017-

1, PA coating, also known as AC coating, that is, acrylic coating, is currently the most common one of the most common coating, coating can increase the feel, wind, a sense of drape.

2, PU coating, that is, polyurethane coating, coated fabric feel full, flexible, the surface of a sense of film.

3, anti-velvet coating, that is, anti-feather coating, coated to prevent down running down, suitable for down jacket fabric. But now the coating where the water pressure requirements of the PA coating is also called anti-chisel coating.

4, PA white plastic coating, that is, in the fabric surface coated with a white acrylic resin, can increase the coverage of the fabric, no color, and make the fabric more vivid colors.

5, PU white plastic coating, that is, in the fabric surface coated with a layer of white polyurethane resin, the role of basic with PA white plastic, but PU white plastic painted feel more full, more flexible fabric, fastness better.

6, PA silver plastic coating, that is, in the fabric surface coated with a layer of silver-white plastic, so that the fabric has a shading, radiation protection function, generally used for curtains, tents, clothing.

7, PU silver plastic coating, the basic function with PA silver plastic coating. But PU coated silver fabric has a better flexibility, better fastness, for tents and other requirements of high water pressure fabric, PU coated silver relative to the PA coated silver better.

8, pearl coating, through the fabric surface pearl coating, so that the fabric surface with pearl-like luster, silver and white color. Made a very beautiful clothing. There are PA pearl and PU pearl of the points, PU pearl pearls more flat than the light, the film is better, more "pearl film" reputation.

9, shiny coating, coated surface smooth and shiny, generally applicable to the tablecloth wallpaper.

10, silicone high-elastic coating, also known as paper-like coating. For thin cotton is very suitable for shirt fabric, feel full, very brittle and flexible, with a strong resilience, anti-wrinkle. For thick fabrics, good elasticity, good fastness.

11, the film coating, through the fabric surface of the calendering and coating, the fabric surface to form a film, completely change the fabric style. General skin surface made of clothing front, leather style. There are two kinds of matt and light, and can be added in the coating of various colors made of color film, very beautiful.

12, flame retardant coating, through the fabric padding or coating treatment, the fabric has a flame retardant effect. And can be painted on the surface of the fabric color or silver. Generally used as curtains, tents, clothing and so on.

13, Teflon three anti-treatment, through the fabric with DuPont Teflon treatment, the fabric has a waterproof, anti-oil and anti-fouling function.

14, anti-ultraviolet coating, through the anti-UV treatment of the fabric, the fabric has anti-ultraviolet function, that is, to prevent the ability of UV penetration. Generally light more difficult to do, dark more easily meet the standard.

15, there are specifically for the cotton coating, such as: cotton cloth color coating, paper coating, washing the old coating, hidden coating, oil sense of wax coating, color coating and so on.


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