The tenter has a solution to the running problem

- Nov 21, 2019-

After analyzing the main causes of tenter running problems, we can formulate ways to control the occurrence of running problems, mainly including:


1. The operator is required to pay attention to the observation, adjust the stacking state of the cloth to be processed in the vehicle in time, and make the stacking adjustment to ensure the smoothness of the cloth.


2. The operator is required to adjust the distance between the edgers and the pressure of the edger according to the width of the cloth to be processed.


3. When the grey cloth is inspected, the phenomenon of the rotten edge is dealt with in a timely manner to prevent the occurrence of running edge due to the rotten edge.


4. Add a baffle or a ruler wheel to the crossbar of the cloth feed end to control the lateral variation of the cloth surface and reduce the left and right swing of the cloth to control the occurrence of the running edge.


5. In the case of uneven door width, the operator should carefully control the machine to minimize the running edge caused by the sharp swing of the edge detector.


6. The operator should properly control the tension of the adjustment machine according to the tight structure of the cloth, and the machine tension should not be too large, leading to rotten edges and running edges.


7. For the machine equipped with the overfeeding device in the setting machine, the overfeeding should not be too much, to avoid partial decoupling due to excessive overfeeding, which leads to the occurrence of running edge.


Take appropriate measures, such as increasing a large screen and avoiding interference from sudden winds, in response to environmental factors. Regularly overhaul the machine, troubleshoot in time, and replace damaged parts.