The stopping step of the stenter for knit fabric and the moisture content control of the fabric

- May 08, 2019-

Since the stenter for knit fabric has a heating and drying function when pulling the cloth, the moisture is the moisture inside the cloth, and the proper amount of moisture in the cloth is very important. Generally, before the shrinkage of the fabric, the moisture content is controlled at 10% to 15%, and the heavy fabric is controlled at 15% to 20%.


Low moisture content will affect the pre-shrinkage process effect, and the moisture content is not good. It will produce aurora and wrinkles during processing, which will affect the process speed. The wetness measurement and control of the wet card is adopted to make the moisture content of the fabric suitable and stable, so that it is wet and even, and the pre-shrinkage rate is relatively high, and the process reproducibility is good. In actual operation, different fabric types, thickness, fiber length, air humidity will affect the moisture content.


After the stenter for knit fabric is finished, introduce the guide cloth to the operation table, tear the guide cloth, click the main control button to red, and close the upper needle protection entrance button to 0. Start the rear half of the machine, stop when the cloth guide head reaches the cloth feeding roller, connect the guide cloth to the guide belt, close the cooling tube tension motor to 0 and start the rear part of the machine until the guide cloth is completely out of the cloth rack. Close the main cloth control button to red and start the machine to make the chain idle.


Click the oven button to enter the heating system interface, set the heating temperature to 150 degrees, the circulating fan power is 50%, the exhaust fan is manually controlled and the air is exhausted at 100% power, which can effectively remove the residual moisture in the oven, thus maintaining the oven. effect. After about 30 minutes of operation, turn off the heating system and let the circulating fan and exhaust fan continue to run until the temperature in the oven drops below 100 degrees. Finally, close the total control switch of the stenter for knit fabric electromechanical cabinet to OFF. The computer automatically stores the processing data and then closes it to clean the whole