The setting machine also needs beauty maintenance!

- Nov 24, 2020-

The setting machine also needs "beauty" maintenance!

1. Cylinder (Dg1100×6): welded by steel plates. There should be no long-term accumulation of water (steam cooling water) in the cylinder. The cooling water should be drained after the damp heat setting, and the inner surface should be regularly checked for paint peeling, rubbing, and peeling. If so, it should be repainted in time. Rust paint to prevent local corrosion. Note: The maximum vacuum during use should not exceed 0.07MPa (actually generally above 0.06MPa) to prevent instability.

2. Jacket of setting machine: It is made by coil welding of steel plate. Used for dry heat setting. The main bearing is 45° fold on the head. During maintenance, an asbestos cement insulation layer of 80-100 mm should be added to the outer surface of the jacket according to the drawings, and the cooling water in the jacket should be drained after each use.

3. 2 support pipes and 11 accessory pipes: check whether the pipe teeth are intact during maintenance, apply anti-corrosion lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide to the thread before installing the pipe, and install cushions at the flange connection to ensure various air pipe No leaks, no leaks.

4. The movable ring, fixed block, roller, rack, handle and other parts of the setting machine: pay attention to the thread or other dirt embedded in the roller and affect the rotation. If the roller is sluggish, loosen the compression screw appropriately.

5. Various pressure gauges, thermometers, safety valves, jackets, vacuum gauges, etc. of the setting machine: For these instruments, they must use the specified specifications and models to reach the specified measurement range and accuracy level; regularly check their sensitivity, accuracy, reliability.