The rubber coating machine in operation must pay attention to the following matters

- Mar 12, 2018-

When the rubber coating machine is used, the first point is that it is necessary to pay attention to accepting pre-job training in terms of operators. After passing the examination, they can take up posts and strictly abide by this operating procedure. When the rubber coating machine is in operation, except for the necessary maintenance personnel, non-personnel personnel are prohibited from operating the equipment or changing the setting parameters.


The roll speed ratio on the rubber coating machine is recommended to be set in the range of 1.3 to 1.5. Note that the air heater can only be activated after the drying fan has been activated; the next step should be to adjust the gap between the coating roller and the back roller so that the slurry on the coating roller is just wiped off without catching the back roller. The main principle, this time should pay attention to ensure that the two rollers are parallel and the gap is the same (must have gaps).


After the parameters of the rubber coating machine are reset, it is necessary to follow the placement button to change the parameters. After each shutdown, it is necessary to clean the hopper, scraper, coating roller, and back roller with alcohol or acetone immediately. The surface must not be scratched or damaged.


Pay attention to the maintenance and lubrication of the back roller cylinder and its linear slide on the rubber coating machine; when the bearing part of the machine needs to be regularly lubricated, the gear box must be regularly changed or supplemented. When running, once the problem is found, it needs to be recorded immediately and the relevant department must be notified to facilitate the timely processing. In the following, we should also pay attention to the 5S work of the equipment and keep the equipment and the surrounding environment clean and tidy. .


When it comes to shutting down the rubber coating machine, it is necessary to confirm that the coated pole piece has been wound, and then stop; turn off the heater power of the rubber coating machine equipment, and wait until the temperature drops below 60 degrees celsius in each section, stop the drying fan with other fans; next, we should pay attention to stop the compressed air; the final step should be to disconnect the power supply on the cabinet and the control cabinet.