The role and effect of waterproof fabric coating machine

- Jul 30, 2018-

The waterproof fabric coating machine enhances the coating quality of the surface of the textile article and improves its functional properties to meet the needs of specific customers. Waterproof Fabric Coating Machines In the production process, textile coating and lamination processes are similar to those in the film and paper industry, where films and paper are coated or laminated to other materials.


Therefore, with the wide application of the waterproof fabric coating machine, a large amount of polymer resin binder is also required. Fabric coatings also use polymers used in the coatings industry, such as acrylates and polyurethanes, and in fact some analysts now turn the coatings industry into coatings. Similar to painting, the fabric uses several thin coatings instead of a thick coating during the coating process to achieve the best results.


The structure of the waterproof fabric coating machine is relatively complicated, so that the production and production speed are relatively high in the production process. In the case of waterproof coating treatment, a waterproof fabric coating/coating is applied to the fabric by a waterproof fabric coating machine to achieve the desired function.