The process of storage and installation of the woven fabric stenter

- Sep 21, 2018-

During the storage of the woven fabric stenter, under normal circumstances, the equipment should be placed in an environment where the surrounding area is relatively spacious, well ventilated and free of corrosive gases. In addition, the storage location of the equipment should be smooth and dry, and the concrete thickness of the foundation floor should not be less than 150 mm. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the needle plates on both sides are flush and symmetrical, and no positional deviation is allowed.

During the installation of the woven fabric stenter, it is necessary to ensure that its track does not contain any impurities or other phenomena that hinder the normal operation of the chain. During the installation of the drive roller, the guide roller and the cloth discharge roller, it is necessary to calibrate the parallelism between the individual rollers.

Before turning on the woven fabric stenter, it is important to check the environmental conditions at the time. Remember that no other person may stand near the equipment; no maintenance or maintenance personnel are allowed to work. In addition, pay attention to check and ensure that the temperature between the thermostats of the electric control box should be within the specified range. If it is found that dust and other debris accumulate in the electric control box, it should be cleaned up in time.

In addition, before starting the temperature control program of the woven fabric stenter, the staff needs to pay attention to the various transmission components of the equipment in advance to ensure flexible operation. Then adjust the full width of the full width to the required width, and adjust it with the edge tracker, and also adjust the overfeed to a predetermined value.