The principle of foam coating machine and the corresponding coating method

- Mar 09, 2018-

The working principle of the foam coating machine used for screen printing is almost the same, but the performance of the foam coating machine equipment will vary according to different models and their different manufacturers. The foam coating machine will also be provided with a device capable of clamping the frame above the vertical frame. The front and back of the screen area is a horizontal coating mechanism. This coating mechanism mainly includes a coating tank, and a mechanical part or pneumatic component that controls the angle and pressure of the coating tank.


Both ends of the foam coating mechanism will be mounted on the vertical support arm of the coating machine, and the coating mechanism will be moved up and down along the surface of the screen through the transmission of belts, chains or cables. The transmission mechanism is connected to a servo or a variable frequency motor. This will also make the equipment more stable in operation. After that, the position of the coating mechanism can be accurately controlled.


Prior to coating, the foam coater will insert a clean, stretch-resistant screen from the front of the coater. Some models can also be loaded into the screen from the side. In models designed for large-format frames, side loading is more common. Because the frame is large and bulky and side-mounted, the amount of lifting and handling can be reduced at this time.


In order to make the operation of the foam coating machine more convenient, many models have a foot pedal to control the clamping action, and the operator can free his hands to control the screen. After installation of the screen, it is important to note that the foam coating machine should be poured into the corresponding emulsion, and it is good to start coating.


The next step is to coat the two sides of the screen at the same time, depending on the functions of the control system and the equipment. The first point of application of the foam coating machine is to coat the sensitized emulsion on the screen by multiple wet-pressing operations; the second way is to add a drying process after each coating. For a foam coater, it is a machine that quantitatively coats a surface of a material with a binder or a liquid (or melt) polymer material such as a coating material.