The principle and composition of stenter machine

- Sep 29, 2017-

Stenter machine is a kind of typical textile printing&dyeing machienry ,which in the printing&dyeing of textile processing has played very important role, it makes the fabrics of various materials more beautiful . How does the stenter change the fabric? What parts are they made of?

Such as cotton yarn, silk, wool and other natural fiber fabrics that have damp and hot plasticity , so they are in printing and dyeing processing after scouring, drift, dyeing, washing and others treament, the whole fabric will appear the phenomenon of the radial extent and latitudinal shorten ,and the fabricis are not flat . All of these the stenter machine can overcome it .

Through the heating effect of the stenter machine and applying the horizontal drafting on the natural fiber fabrics that make it latitudinal widening and uniform, then the fabric flatten and beautiful, but also can reduce the deformation of the fabric in the processing of the cutting and sewing ,thereby can improve the quality of the fabric.


Although have many types of stenter machines , but their basic structure are similar , which include the guiding device, traction device, heating device , ironing device , batching device ,eectrostatic eliminator device and others .

For the stenter machine ,the different parts have different function, such as the guiding device is used for smoothing the fabric into the machine , the traction device is used to tighten the fabric that making it easy to stretch the fabric tension on the both side.

Regards the stenter ,the heating device is used to heat the fabric and spray to the wet ,due to the pulling the fabric by the pinning or clip will appear the uneven phenomenon of the edge ,so also use the ironing device to be eliminated, while under the high temperature that the width of the fabric will be stabilized.


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