The new coated fabric can generate electricity from body heat

- Sep 12, 2019-

US researchers have developed a fabric that USES body heat to generate electricity and power small electronic devices, potentially solving the problem of wearable energy.

The fabric can generate electricity by taking advantage of the difference in temperature between higher and lower ambient temperatures, the researchers said in a paper published online Tuesday in the international journal advanced materials technology.According to the thermoelectric effect, a material with high electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity can cause charge to flow from a high temperature area to a low temperature area.

The researchers spray-printed a flexible, lightweight polymer film called pedot-cl onto a cotton fabric to form a thermopile.Using the fabric, the bracelet can generate a thermal voltage of more than 20 millivolts for everyday wear.

The coated fabric has good thermoelectric properties, can generate enough thermal voltage to power small equipment, and has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, according to the paper's corresponding author, Trisha Andrew, a researcher at the university of Massachusetts Amherst.

When the researchers tested the durability of the coated fabric, they found that rubbing it in hot water did not cause the coating to crack, layer or peel, and the fabric's electrical conductivity was almost unaffected.

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