The main role and superior performance of machine for rubber coating

- Dec 13, 2018-

The machine for rubber coating is a fully automatic coating equipment developed by the company. It is mainly applied to the surface of lace, webbing, fabric and other silicone coatings to prevent slip and slip. It is mainly used in lace factories, ribbon factories and socks factories, clothing accessories processing and other enterprises.

The machine adopts touch control panel, microcomputer automatic control, servo numerical control, compact structure, practical and beautiful, convenient and fast. It can be used for elastic belts with a width of less than 60mm, non-elastic belts, and can be used for straight lines, netting, waves, square waves, etc., equipped with automatic CNC color adding machine, high-speed dot dispensing machine can add color gold and silver powder dots and other patterns.

The machine for rubber coating is mainly used for underwear shoulder straps, non-elastic webbing, elastic webbing, edging belts, etc., as well as various textile surface silicone coatings, which play a role of anti-slip and anti-slip, increase the tensile strength of the product, and be environmentally friendly and breathable, especially for webbing, underwear straps, underwear and other products, this machine is fully automated, full computer control, simple operation, fast production, energy saving, and is a good choice for the silicone coating industry.