The main reason for the running edge problem of the tenter

- Nov 19, 2019-

As far as the situation is known, the main reasons for the problem of tenter running are:


1. The fabric to be processed is not stacked neatly in the stacker, and the workers have not adjusted in time. As a result, when the cloth is fed, the cloth swings too far and left, resulting in running. The pressure of the edger is not large enough, and the edger can not get the balance of the left and right when the cloth is fed in balance, ensuring the smooth feeding effect.

2. The cloth itself has a bad side, and the workers did not find and remedy it in time, leading to running at the edge of the rotten side.

3. When setting, the edge detector swings sharply left and right, or because the width of the cloth is too much (when the width is narrow, the left and right are uneven), the edge of the cloth is running.

4. The cloth is loosely organized and bears less tension. During the process of pulling the machine tension, the tissue ruptures and leads to running.

5. The over-feeding is too large, and it may cause partial dislocation and produce a running edge.

6. The latitude of the cloth is severe, and the adjustment range is too large during the latitude, which may cause wrinkling and running.

7. Some parts of the machine are damaged, such as the needle plate of the setting machine, the cloth of the mercerizing machine, etc., which can lead to running.

8. Other environmental factors, such as sudden wind disturbances into the cloth.